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(Frequently Asked Questions
About Streak Free Cloths)
  • What is the cost of shipping and handling?
    • All shipping & handling cost will be located at checkout. Before you make or cancel your purchase you will see the total of the sale with shipping & handling charges. 
  •  Do you ship internationally?
    • No, we only ship to U.S. and Canada destinations at this time.  Canadian customers please call (480) 599-3893 to place your orders.
  • What size and color is the cloth?
    • The cloth is approximately 16” x 16” and the color is white.
  •  How do I use my StreakFree Microfiber cloth?
    • Use WATER only.  Wet it, then wring it until it is damp dry and wipe your cloth on any surface to clean.
  •  What does the Microfiber cloth feel like when wet? Does it stick to my skin?
    • The cloth feels like a lightweight chamois and will not stick to your skin.
  • How do I clean my cloth once it’s dirty?
    • Machine wash with white clothes only using regular detergent (bleach if necessary).  Do not use fabric softener.   Air dry only.
  •  How can I purchase the StreakFree cloth?
    • You can purchase Streak Free Cloths either online (U.S. Online Order Form) or by placing a phone order at (480) 599-3893.  Canadian customers please call (480) 599-3893 and place your order by phone as the shipping charges are different than for the US.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal Accounts.
  • I don't want to order through the Web-site.
    • For phone orders call (480) 599-3893 between the hours of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm seven days a week or by mail send Money Orders Only to 8741 E. Nopal Circle, Mesa, AZ 85209.
 NO checks - all checks will be returned.
  • I'm having streaks with my cloth.
    • Once in a while it has been found that debris is left on your microfiber cloths from use.  Please wash them with other whites (detergent & bleach). Make sure they are rinsed properly and then resume use.  
    • It has also been found that certain well water or city water supplies can cause streaks. Purchase bottled water and try using your cloth again.
  • What is your return policy?
    • Returns and Refunds will be determined after follow-up with each customer.
    • Shipping and handling (S/H is non refundable, and buyer is responsible for the return shipping expenses).

JoAnne Schultz
Independent Distributor of Streak Free Cloths

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